About Us

We are a team of highly motivated professionals with extensive proficiency in data science applied to fields like Life Sciences, Pharmaceutics, Big Data and Marketing. Our experience ranges from small projects for local customers to large scale projects for corporate customers. Our team, partners, and customers motivate us to capitalize on our competencies to deliver success and excellence, which is why you will find these values throughout our work culture.

Our Services

In order to improve quality of research, development and applications of innovative, as well as generic products, we are offering services in a number of key areas including, but not limited to

Life Sciences

Currently, biomedical research groups around the world are producing large amounts of data and success in biological discovery and improving individual and population health depends on the ability to explore this data in the most appropriate way. With our knowledge of statistics, broad experience in collaborations with biomedical researchers and our devotion to excellence we can help you deliver a deeper insight into some of the most challenging problems and solutions life sciences can offer.


In order to improve the quality of research and development of innovative, as well as generic, products in pharmaceutical industry we are offering services in a number of key areas including (but not limited to) Quality by Design approach to R&D, in-vitro in-vivo correlations, analysis of stability studies, analysis of bioequivalence studies and clinical trials, statistical analysis of various in-vitro comparison tests for generic products etc. Furthermore, our experience in delivering tailormade solutions and giving support in the correspondence with regulatory agencies could help you keep ahead of the competition.

Big Data

With today’s massive production of unstructured and structured data a new era of data science begins. An era where highly available, large scale solutions for data mining are of utter importance. With our knowledge of computer science, artificial intelligence and statistics combined with our experience in developing highly scalable and fault tolerant systems to bring additional insight to the underlying (big) data we can help you monetize one of your most valuable assets, the data itself.

Market Research and Business Intelligence

In the speeding digitalization environment, one can forget that source of company existence are the customers themselves. If you are already running, or considering to run customer satisfaction, customer experience or reputational programs - we can support you both in designing research studies, as well as applying sophisticated models to identify the underlying relationships between your business data and surveys. Benchmark yourself with peers, find out why your customers churn, identify acquisition levers to improve your customer flow and overall share of wallet. We extract more value from the data you gather and put focus on concrete actions.